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Aug 16, 2021

While you may most often find yourself falling down that viral challenge rabbit hole, did you realize that TikTok is actually a gold mine for wedding ideas and inspiration? We are discussing all the ways that you can use the platform. From finding vendors, bookmarking DIY videos - even touring some of your favorite...

Aug 11, 2021

A wedding planner can save so much sanity, but finding the best one for your event is a delicate balance of budget, personality and style, so we've asked Boston-based wedding planner Renée Sabo of Urban Soirée to share tips on finding the best wedding planner for your event.

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Aug 2, 2021

The topic we're addressing today is a topic that may be at the forefront of conversation in our current landscape but it's obviously been a longstanding issue. We're talking about racism, and the racial bias that occurs in the wedding industry, with award-winning floral designer Bron Hansboro. We'll go over how you, as...