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Inclusively Yours - A Wedding Planning Podcast

Jun 28, 2021

One of the many trends that were born out of necessity during COVID is livestreaming for weddings. Livestreaming technology had obviously been around pre-pandemic, but the need for it during COVID skyrocketed it to a popular option for pandemic weddings, and now with even Grandma knowing how to do use Zoom, it will continue to be an option for couples for years to come. 

There will always be loved ones who cannot make it to the wedding, whether it's because they're elderly, sick, have kids, etc., so having a livestreaming option for them to tune in allows guests who aren't able to be there still witness your special day. 

Join us as we chat to expert and wedding photographer Chip Dizárd on tips for livestreaming your wedding day.

Guest Info:
Instagram: @chipdizard

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